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We build our culture of employee empowerment by providing opportunities for professional and personal growth, recognizing employee achievements, creating an open, collaborative, and healthy work environment, and helping our employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. Attracting and retaining a skilled, experienced, and motivated workforce is essential to the long-term growth of our business.

ConocoPhillips’ SPIRIT Values set the tone for how we interact with our stakeholders, and our objective is to ensure our employees work in an environment that reflects our core SPIRIT values.

Emerging as an independent exploration and production company on May 1, 2012, gave us a unique opportunity to examine the future ConocoPhillips and further develop our culture. Part of this initiative was embedding our Leadership Competencies, which are the leadership behaviors that define the ‘new’ ConocoPhillips. These competencies are important at all levels of the organization, and we are responsible for understanding these competencies and identifying and cultivating competencies most important for workplace success.


Workplace Diversity

By bringing together a variety of talents, backgrounds, and experiences, we are able to promote new ideas and innovation that is critical for business success. We actively recruit employees of all nationalities, backgrounds, and ages. We have multiple recruitment streams to attract diverse applicant pools, such as:

Partnership with Direct Employers Association – a non-profit that links our posted positions with hundreds of diversity niche sites and services, such as Women for Hire and The Black Perspective partnership with Direct Employers Association
Outreach for disability niche sites and services
US Military Recruitment Program and other outreach for niche military or veteran sites and services
Formal sponsorship and support of organizations such as HACE (Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement) and SWE (Society of Women Engineers)
Our University Relations team partners with the ConocoPhillips Affinity Networks to present to like affinity groups on university campuses
Partnering with LinkedIn, the top employment social network, to ensure our jobs are being advertised to other diversity niche areas and groups
Across the Lower 48, we support employee involvement in various Affinity networks, such as the Women’s Network in our Midland location, which hosts social and professional events that encourage networking and the professional development of its members, as well as health and safety events. The Midland Women’s Network also volunteers regularly to support a local women’s shelter.

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Case Study – Appreciation for Military Veterans

After serving twenty-three years in the U.S. Navy, employee Ben Gardner started a new career in a familiar environment where safety is the top priority. The former chief petty officer, who worked as an electronics technician on nuclear submarines, joined ConocoPhillips in 2013 as a Training Coordinator at the Lost Cabin Gas Plant in Lysite, Wyoming.

“The materials and pipes are a bit different, but the same principles apply for safety procedures around chemicals and high-pressure systems,” he said. Gardner is now a Senior Process Safety Management/Health, Safety & Environment Advisor, a role that combines his military skills, experience, and principles with SPIRIT Values. “The job can’t be done without safety, teamwork and integrity. And taking care of people is as important here as it is in the military,” states Gardner.

Investing in the Future

​Investing in the Future
To build future capability and support the next generation of professionals, ConocoPhillips has a number of diverse education and development initiatives for grade school and college students, as well as, current employees across the Lower 48.

ConocoPhillips sponsors the New Mexico Mathematics, Engineering and Science Achievement (MESA) Day. Employees share information about ConocoPhillips and careers in the oil and gas industry with more than 1,200 middle and senior high school students in attendance.
ConocoPhillips sponsors Katy High School's robotics team, Team CRyptonite from Cinco Ranch High School. Steve Brierty, a senior completions engineer in the Permian Basin unconventional group, volunteers as a mentor and coach.
ConocoPhillips awards scholarships to high school seniors who are dependents of our employees. In 2015, each student received a $4,000 award, which will be renewable yearly based on scholastic achievement, for a four-year scholarship of $16,000.
The Lower 48 Intern program recruits the best and brightest college students, gives them real projects to work on, and provides mentor support and coaching throughout their assignment. Our interns have the opportunity to apply their knowledge from school, gain valuable real-world experience, and interact with industry experts and resources at ConocoPhillips.
ConocoPhillips takes steps to develop early career petro-discipline professionals into highly talented and skilled workers. Their development incorporates technical and professional development training, mentoring, and the opportunity to progress through different jobs to develop technical, business and leadership skills.
New graduates in the Lower 48 have a particularly wide array of opportunities, due to the variety of assets that we have in this region. For example, an individual could rotate from a reservoir engineering assignment in the Gulf Coast Business unit to a production engineering role at our San Juan asset, and then a field drilling engineer assignment in the Rockies Business Unit.
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CASE STUDY – Wind River Job Corps Center

Wind River Jobs Corps CenterThe Wind River Job Corps Center is the first residential training center aimed at oil and gas jobs. Located in Riverton, Wyoming, the center aims to prepare students for jobs in oil and gas production.

ConocoPhillips employees helped develop the technical curriculum and acquire equipment. The campus has a field with actual, but non-operable, equipment used in the day-to-day operations of oil and gas production. Learning activities in the field will enable students to become familiar with industry practices and understand how to operate the units. Technical components of the industry will be taught in classroom settings, and shops at the center will be equipped with industry tools.

Rockies Operations Excellence Advisor Greg Ashdown was involved in the initial development of the Center. “Wind River will be a real economic boom to this region and provide a good pipeline of well-trained potential employees and contractors to meet our demands,” said Ashdown.

Ongoing Learning & Development

Development of employees is a primary focus for ConocoPhillips. Through our strategic and structured development programs, our employees are empowered to perform to the best of their ability. At ConocoPhillips, there is always potential for personal and professional growth and enrichment of talent and skill.

Providing career development and training for our employees is important for retaining and challenging our workforce. We encourage supervisors and employees to work together to create development plans that map suitable career paths that capitalize on employees’ strengths, skills and preferences.

Our learning and development framework combines all aspects of development, including formal training, on-the-job learning experiences, mentoring, and career planning. In the Lower 48, we have designated skills managers who help employees in geoscience and engineering roles manage their development and meet their career aspirations.

Development Opportunities

ConocoPhillips recognizes that skills development is a continuous process and an integral part of attracting and retaining talented employees. ConocoPhillips has a number of formal programs and initiatives that are designed to educate and support this process. These initiatives build on foundational practices of effective performance management, competitive compensation, benefits, and recognition.

At ConocoPhillips, we understand that employees need support and encouragement to be able to achieve their best performance and feel engaged at work. ConocoPhillips has internal development programs which assist employees and supervisors manage career development, understand career pathways within ConocoPhillips, performance discussions, and goal setting.

We also have a Talent Management and Succession Planning framework, which is supported by several teams and networks across the globe, whose primary role is to drive development and facilitate career opportunities.

The safety and health of our employees and the environments in which we work is our top priority. As such, we offer various development opportunities in these areas such as the Certified Safety and Health Officer program for health, safety, and environment (HSE) employees and contractors hosted by the San Juan asset in the Farmington, New Mexico, office. The 14-month program, offered by the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, involved more than 280 hours of classroom lectures, studying and testing, and is designed for people who have daily responsibilities for performing or supervising safety and health work, including inspections and audits, at industrial facilities.

Health and Wellness

ConocoPhillips believes in the importance of a healthy workforce and the benefits that good health can have for employees, their families, and the company. We encourage employees to maintain their physical and mental health through preventative medical care, regular exercise, good nutrition, and work-life balance.

To help support our Lower 48 employees' quest to be healthy, high-performing individuals, we increased our employees’ access to gym facilities. In addition to the wellness center and gym at our Houston Main Complex, Lower 48 employees can access a second company gym, located where the majority of Houston-based Lower 48 employees are officed. In 2014, we opened company gyms in Watkins, Colorado, and Kenedy, Texas, for our employees in those offices. Employees who work in locations without company gyms are reimbursed up to $25 a month for gym membership.

Beyond the Lower 48, ConocoPhillips supports employees’ health and wellness through the following initiatives and programs within the U.S and across the globe:

  • Good for You! Campaign - This global initiative is designed to help ConocoPhillips employees maintain good health and improve overall wellness. Activities have included a global ‘Energy in Action’ fitness challenge, ‘Know Your Numbers’ health assessments, and READY, an educational program that focuses on the wellness-safety connection.
  • Toolkits and resources for stress management, nutrition, healthy living, and tobacco cessation
  • Employee assistance program – connects employees and their dependents to qualified professionals who can help them overcome work and life challenges. It’s completely free and confidential.
  • Annual flu vaccinations
    Regular presentations about health and wellness initiatives